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Well, my 15 minutes didn’t arrive.  After all the excitement and taking time to prepare, my interviewers stood me up.  I was left to do a Tweet-in on risk with a crowd of project management enthusiasts.  I guess it was roughly what I expected: volleys of tweets on a range of subjects with very hard-to-follow threads and no time or space to give serious answers.

For example the guy who characterised it as, ‘analyse what you can, stare into the void and then take a wild-arsed guess,’ was not far off the mark, though I wouldn’t put it that way.  But to deconstruct each of those three elements properly is quite beyond the capacity of Twitter.

Now I guess the idea is to swap URLs where more in-depth stuff can be found, but I don’t think that quite works, and clearly does not drive good, focussed debate.  Of course cloudsofvagueness is just the place to do that.  LOL.

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